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Unser Anspruch
Unsere Mission

Our Mission

We strongly believe that multilateral diplomacy, going through the bodies of the only supranational organization that brings every nation to the table, is the only way to solve the world’s most pressing issues in a sustainable way. While acknowledging all legitimate criticisms aimed at the UN, we want to highlight and promote the positive effects it had and will continue to have on mankind.

Tolerance for diverging opinions, respectful and constructive interaction and the acknowledgement of the universal human rights are the fundamental principles of the United Nations. Not only do we share these values here at Zeppelin University, we also want to convey them to participants of LakeMUN - the diplomats of tomorrow.

It is furthermore our mission to broaden the students’ understanding of political structures and international relations. At LakeMUN, students are made aware of problems with international importance. This is achieved through insight from professional diplomats and politicians, professional workshops and of course the debates within the committees and councils.


Another ambition of ours is to make students assess controversial issues from a novel perspective as they might be required to uphold a policy that is not necessarily in line with their personal views. 

All those points combined make us believe that LakeMUN can play a decisive role in political education.


Because politics matters!

Our Team


Our Secretariat

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Simon Fuchsloch - Conference Manager

Simon has been studying Politics, Administration and International Relations in the Bachelor's program at Zeppelin University since Fall Semester 2021. In the faculty of International Relations he is mainly interested in topics related to peace and security policy as well as the various aspects of diplomacy.

As Chairman of the MUN Society, his main focus lies in the different formats of "Model United Nations" at Zeppelin University. This includes the regular meetings "Debate & Wine" as well as the organization of LakeMUN in 2022 – hopefully in presence.

He will be responsible for organizing this year’s LakeMUN conference at the Lake of Constance, hoping to inspire High schoolers to partake and become interested in international affairs. As part of the Club of International Politics, he is further responsible for organizing talks and acquiring the financial means to do so. In hopes that this year’s LakeMUN conference will be able to be held in person, he is looking forward to an exciting 2022!


Contact: s.fuchsloch[at]

Our Team
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