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LakeMUN 2020: Please read our statement below

Was ist MUN?
Konferenz Thema

Venue: Fallenbrunnen.


Unfortunately, we must inform you about the cancellation of LakeMUN 2020 due to the dynamic developments of the past months.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ministries of education prohibit large extracurricular events as well as class trips until the end of the school year - consequently, a student conference cannot take place this year.

In addition, also from the university side, voices are rightly against the realization of such a big event.
Thus, to increase the chance of other conferences or even a LakeMUN 2021 might take place we just appeal to each of you to limit contacts and stay home safely.


We want to personally thank all delegations which already pointed out their interest to participate in this year's edition, hopefully, we can see you in the next year!

LakeMUN-Team 2020

How you get to the conference


Am Fallenbrunnen 3

88045 Friedrichshafen


Am Seemoser Horn 20

88045 Friedrichshafen



Connection via:

Airport Friedrichshafen

Train​station Stadtbahnhof

A81 via Singen

A8 via Ulm





Accommodation will be provided

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