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Welcome to LakeMUN! We very much appreciate that you consider participating. Please note that this year's conference (2017) already took place. Therefore you can not apply at the moment. 


  • 4. Finalize your delegation
    It is our aim to make participating in LakeMUN 2017 possible for everyone interested. However, as there are many delegations applying, we might have to grant you a lower number of spots than you applied for. In that case, it is up to your head delegate/MUN-Director to decide who will come to Friedrichshafen in October.
  • 2. Inform your school
    Inform your school that you want to be a part of LakeMUN 2017. It is advisable, albeit not necessary, that a teacher joins your delegation as a MUN-Director. If your head delegate or your MUN-Director shall be in charge of communicating with us is up to you.
  • 6. Receive your confirmation e-mail
    After we registered your delegation, each future participant gets a confirmation via e-mail.
  • 5. Fill in the blanks
    Once you finished step 4, your head delegate/MUN-Director fills up this spread sheet stating the name, age and MUN-experience of each delegate.
  • 10. Inform us about the details of your arrival
    Before the conference, you will be informed on who will host you during the week or in which hostel your delegation will stay. We kindly ask your head delegate/MUN director to tell us where and when you will arrive. Of course we are willing to assist you with your journey if you wish so.
  • 8. Inform yourself about the country assigned to you and study the research reports
    After we received your payment, each member of your delegation will be assigned a country as well as a forum to represent his or her country in. The chairs of your forum will send you research reports covering the issues discussed at LakeMUN 2017.
  • 7. Pay the fee and start planning your trip
    In order to finalize your registration, the payment of a participation fee (40€) is required. Don’t forget to plan your trip to Friedrichshafen and back.We will take care of your accommodation. If you are from Friedrichshafen and willing to host a fellow participant, the fee will be reduced to 20€.
  • 1. Find a group
    Form a group with fellow students from your school or city who likewise are interested in participating. Decide which one of you shall be the head delegate of your delegation in charge of communicating with us, the team of LakeMUN 2017.
  • 3. Apply for spots here
    Click here as a head delegate/MUN-Director in order to apply for a certain number of delegates or chairs.
  • 9. Draft position papers and practice debating
    To prepare yourself for the conference, you will be asked to draft position papers stating your country’s opinion on each of your topics. It is furthermore strongly advisable to study the Rules of Procedures of LakeMUN and practice debating with your fellow students.
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